Personal Lawyer For Brain Injury

I have been following Jessie’s case from the very start. My heart cries for Jessie and Mark constantly. Her case is near to my heart because I was a victim as well. I’ve made pleas for help with my own childhood since I was victimized by a molester who adopted me soon after. I reported the abuse a few years later to many people and she was let go because I couldn’t ‘prove’ what happened and because, as is true for most of them, she lied.

I see what you are doing for Mark. I too, have a dream. I do not believe in the statute of limitations simply because there are too many variables and situations not taken into account when a child is abused and wants to report it, but for their own reason, either cannot or is not taken seriously.

How many child abusers are free today because of the statutes? My own abuser is still free and is still permitted to be around children, especially teenage girls.

As a result of my childhood, the stress of the past 30 years has permanently disabled me and has actually done physical damage to my body. In the years following the abuse, I developed major depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD and still live daily with the horrors she inflicted on my very soul.

All of this could have been avoided had the adults I’d trusted as a child done their jobs, and done them compassionately and correctly. I could still be working at my government job. I could still be a soldier ready to retire in less than one month.

I could have been a lot of things. Now, I simply exist.

How many other children who survive abuse are left behind?

I’ve tried so many times over the years to make changes, but my pleas always fall on deaf ears. I have contacted people in NY, riverside personal injury lawyer, the media in various forms, newspapers- all to no avail.

I am writing to you because you seem to want to help make changes and make a difference. And because I need some purpose in my life and I feel the strong need to make my own difference; I just cannot do it alone.

I live in Alabama, and the abuse happened in New York, but really- does that matter? Abuse knows no boundaries, and it doesn’t matter where we are if we want to make changes for the better.

I would ask for your consideration in helping make another change. And I’d love to work with Mark on his work, as I support him 100%.

Please do consider my words, and I thank you for your time and for everything you do and will do.