Recovery from a coma, your experiences of consciousness.

Megan Macqueen from Touch Poductions in Bath has been put in touch with us by Dr Srivas Chennu, a neuroscientist researcher at Cambridge.
She’s working on a large-scale 3D television production about the human body for a specialised 3D channel called 3net – its part of Discovery and Sony Imax.

Its a very celebratory documentary looking on a basic level at how parts of the body work, but also how scientists and doctors are trying to unravel the way the body’s mechanisms work and use them to help it – a bionic arm in the US for example that links with the remaining limb’s nerve signals to give a much more fluid and controlled movement, or minimally invasive surgery which means the body can heal a lot quicker.

However she is also keen to look at the less tangible aspects of what it means to be human, and would like to be able to talk about consciousness and the questions that remain to be answered; what it is, whether you can measure it, what it even means. She will be filming with researchers at Addenbrooke’s and Cambridge University to answer these questions, and look at ways of measuring brain activity to see if patients are actually more aware than they seem.

She is looking to interview someone from the UK who has recovered from a coma who can tell her about their experiences of being aware or conscious to a certain degree while they were in a coma.

If you feel that you may be able to help in this research then please contact Megan:

Phone: 01225484666