Screened in Porch Ideas

Screening a porch:

In the case of building a screened porch or screening your current porch, you should know that it is a task needs time as well as attention to details. A well planned screened in porch can make you feel far better than you’ve expected. But it depends on the perfection in the accomplishment of the task. You don’t build a screened porch every day. So, you better be sure that going ahead with a fine plan.

Tips for screened in porch planning:

While you are the thinking of building screened in porch, the following tips might help you in this manners –

  • Door dynamics: What kind of door you really want to use in your screened in porch is really an important aspect here. In the case of finely screened in porch ideas, you will see that opening screen door does not block the traffic flow from inside the house. In comparison with wooden doors, aluminum doors are better.
  • Aspects of screening: It is better to stay away from hand stretched screening. Aluminum doors can easily be creased. At the time of screen replacement in future, it will be pesky and trim removal will be required to replace the screen. Fiberglass screens can be considered as a better aspect in any screened in porch ideas. It is comparatively easy to work with. It also does not crease.
  • Light: In fine screened in porch ideas you will see the planners kept in mind the loss of light in a home. Screened in porch reduces the natural lights in the rooms. So they plan it in the way the owner wants the lighting system, which includes the necessary electrical work.
  • Electrical needs: You should estimate how many outlets you going to need. Also ceiling fans and any other kind of lighting you want to use. Nowadays many people want to have TV in their screened in porches. If you want the same it will need running cable and other wirings.

  • Screened in porch materials: Be careful while choosing material for your screened in porch. Because they need to look right and work together. There are a lot of options to choose from. These include pressure treated wood, cedar. You also need to think about your flooring choice, interior trim and also exterior materials.
  • Roof style: You can choose a roof style matches with your existing house. But you can take help of a licensed contractor in this manner.
  • Furnishing: It is better to have a proper furnishing plan. Try to get a unique design in this aspect.
  • Consultation with screened porch professional: It will be really great if you can get a professional opinion about locating door opening and necessary posts. It will assure the structural soundness of the porch and also will avoid any safety or structural issues.

In the case of building a screened in porch or screening your porch, you can follow these ideas. They might be helpful for you to get what you want in your porch.