Understanding the Process of Getting Bail Bonds in Fulton County

Someone accused of committing a criminal act is generally get arrested and taken to jail. Someone must bail the person before he/she can be released from the prison awaiting trial. Or, they can pay a bail bonds agency to help with the process. All the same, you need to understand the bail bonds process. I will discuss about the process of getting bail bonds in Fulton County here.

Bail Bonds

Bail bonds are a type of bonds. They are used to achieve the release of someone incarcerated and who has been ordered to give bail. Then, they can be released pending trial. If the defendant does not return to the court for trial, the ordered amount is then forfeited. Any other collateral filled with the court as part of the bail bond will also be forfeited.

Who Issues Bail Bonds?

Usually, bail bonds are issued by licensed bail bondsmen. These companies are specialized in issuing bail bonds. They also see that their clients show up in the court when the trial begins.

How much do Bail Bonds Companies Charge for their Services?

The average cost of hiring a bail bonds company to get someone out of jail until the closure of the criminal case is 10% of the actual bond cost. This does not include actual expenses agencies. In addition, companies do not determine the amount of the bond. That is determined by the court.

How do Bail Bonds Companies Help their Clients?

These companies generally provide their clients with the following things.

  • Receipts for any amount of money spent.
  • Copies of all signed documents.
  • Information regarding the status of the bond, also the status of any changes.
  • They should also return all collateral promptly upon exoneration of the bond.

You should remember that, if you ever get arrested, you should consult an attorney first.

Posting Bail

There are a few ways of posting bail. They are described here.

  • They can be paid by cash or check.
  • You can sign over ownership rights to property.
  • You can give a bond in the full amount of your bail. This means a promise to pay if you do not appear before the court.
  • You can also sign a statement that says you will appear in court at the time required. This is generally called being released on your own recognizance or ‘OR’.

Generally, you should try to get released on your own recognizance, if you can manage it.

What Happens if you Miss a Court Date?

You should make sure that you never miss your court date. Suppose, you are out on a release fee covered by a bail bond company, and you miss your court date. Then, they will send bounty hunter after you. If you do not appear, they ill not get their money back. Therefore, they will do everything they can to send you back to jail to get their money back.

Bail bonds are the easiest to get your loved ones out of jail. His article helps you to  understand the process of getting bail bonds in Fulton County.